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We sell top quality baked and frozen baked pies. Some are overruns from wholesale and on occasion some are sold because they don't meet expectations set for commercial customers. For instance, you may get a pie with a bent or broken crust or one which may be over or under weight.


The Outlet Store carries different sizes and flavors of pies each day. These flavors vary according to the orders placed by commercial customers. You may call daily and choose pies from what is available that day. We will hold them until 3:30p.m. Monday-Friday. Saturdays are first come first serve.

Pumpkin_HIRES (1).jpg


Crafted from Pumpkin aged to perfection, our pie will remind your guests why family and traditions are important and delicious! Serve warm or cold with your favorite topping to make it your own.



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Caramel Apple Walnut

Caramel Apple

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