The Gardner Pie Company, located in Akron, Ohio, has been family owned and operated since 1945.     
We offer a wide variety of quality pies for farm markets, in-store bakeries,     
retail bake shops and the food service industry.     
Our Specialty Pies are time-tested, family
favorites perfect for holiday promotions. Fresh
butter, brown sugar and eggs are combined
with just the right hint of spices, nuts, chocolate
and other secret ingredients to create these
classic, down-home favorites.

Brandied Mince
Chocolate Chip Pecan

Shelf Stable Pumpkin


Southern Pecan
Southern Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato Crunch

  Brandied Mince Pie
This holiday classic is available during November and December. Its old-fashioned mince filling makes it special, while a touch of brandy gives it the traditional flavor associated with the holiday season.

  Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie
We added semi-sweet chocolate chips to our secret blend of brown sugar, syrup, eggs and pecans for a delicious variation on a southern favorite. Your customers will have a tough time deciding which Gardner pecan pie they like best.

  Pumpkin Pie
You can tell Thanksgiving is near when a line forms to buy our delicious pumpkin pie. Following a recipe that’s been in our family for years, this holiday favorite is full of pumpkin and a secret blend of spices. Because this creamy and flavorful dessert is so popular, we offer it all year round.

  Shelf Stable Pumpkin Pie
Our delicious family recipe is now shelf stable! Quality pumpkin meets a secret blend of spices for a creamy and flavorful dessert that can be enjoyed all year round.

  Raisin Pie
We plump our raisins before we add them to a flavorful, sweet glaze, giving our raisin pie its old-fashioned, delicious flavor. Based on an Amish recipe passed from generation to generation, our raisin pie is a classic family favorite.

  Southern Pecan Pie
A rich blend of brown sugar, syrup, eggs and pecans gives this sweet custard pie its traditional southern flavor. An old-fashioned favorite, our pecan pie is always a popular choice for holidays and other special occasions.

  Southern Sweet Potato Pie
We’ve combined a rich, buttery blend of sweet potatoes with the perfect amount of ginger and nutmeg. The result is a delicious southern classic that never goes out of style.

  Sweet Potato Crunch Pie
What happens when you add a crunchy topping of brown sugar, pecans and coconut to our classic sweet potato pie? You get this tasty version. The topping adds flavor and crunch to our buttery, spiced sweet potatoes. Who knew eating your vegetables could be this good!