The Gardner Pie Company, located in Akron, Ohio, has been family owned and operated since 1945.     
We offer a wide variety of quality pies for farm markets, in-store bakeries,     
retail bake shops and the food service industry.     
Give your customers an unexpected twist on popular fruit favorites with our South-of-the-Border Pies. These exciting flavor combinations, developed in our own test kitchens, are anything but ordinary. From the smoky flavor of chipotle peppers married with tart red cherries to the delicate sweetness of mangos and strawberries to the refreshing combination of rich coconut and fresh pineapple, our South-of-the-Border Pies offer unique flavors that are sure to become classics.
Cherry Lime Chipotle
Spicy Habañero Peach
Jalapeno Apple
Mango Strawberry
Piña Colada
Red Raspberry Lime

  Cherry Lime Chipotle Pie
This unique pie is an interesting combination of the warm, smoky heat of chipotle pepper flakes and the tartness of fresh red cherries. A rich and buttery key lime sauce provides the perfect complement to both distinct flavors. This gourmet pie is sure to appeal to the most discriminating consumers.

  Spicy Habañero Peach Pie
Sweet California peaches are paired with hot and spicy habanero pepper flakes in this unexpected flavor combination. The sweetness of the peaches cools the peppers, while the heat of the peppers brings out the flavor of the fresh peaches. One taste and you’ll see why this unique dessert is so “hot.”

  Jalapeno Apple Pie
We took our popular apple pie, flavored with traditional spices, and gave it an extra kick with diced red and green jalapeno peppers. A rich caramel sauce bakes right into the filling and provides another dimension of flavor. Spicy hot, but not too hot, this surprising combination of flavors is sure to impress your most discerning customers.

  Mango Strawberry Pie
Golden tropical mangos and ripe red strawberries are both delicious summertime fruits, so it makes sense they’d go so well together. This delightful combination is a refreshing and colorful break from the ordinary, with a delicate and delicious flavor that’s perfect anytime.

  Piña Colada Pie
Pineapple and coconut are a classic tropical combination. Our pina colada pie pairs both with delicious results. We use chunks of fresh pineapple in a tender, flaky crust, all covered by a creamy coconut topping and baked to a golden brown. This rich dessert is a refreshing and delicious change of pace.

  Red Raspberry Lime Pie
Bursting with tropical flavor, this pie combines sweet red raspberries, ripened to perfection, with a delicate Persian lime topping. The melt-in-your-mouth lime sauce provides a delicious twist that’s paired perfectly with the fresh raspberries.